Ben Folds’ Paper Airplane Tour brings him to Cain’s Ballroom on Aug. 28


by Trent Gleason/Southeast Campus Associate Editor

In need of something to do on a Monday night? How does sending paper airplanes soaring toward Ben Folds’ bespectacled mug sound? No, this is not done with ill-will.

Ben Folds first experimented with fan-interaction-via-paper-airplane in 2011, when he tweeted before a show saying, “If you have a song you want me to play, then write it down on a piece of paper and launch it as a paper airplane after I give the countdown.”

He was pleased by the outcome, and has continued to involve paper airplane fan requests in his solo concerts ever since.

However, where past tours may have included such fan interaction in doses, Folds’ current tour will be heavily implementing these song requests.

Ben Folds first existed as the frontman/pianist for his band Ben Folds Five from 1995 to 2000, who were responsible for the track “Brick”, which reached mainstream appeal.

After the band split up to seek out independent ventures, Ben continued to break hearts and spleens with his unique mix of heartstring-tugging balladry and biting satire.

He has since established a deep, eclectic discography, much of which is sure to be represented in some capacity during the concert.

ben-folds-1 ben-folds-pic


Half of the show will involve the usual set-list, featuring all of his biggest hits, and post-intermission Folds will begin taking requests.

It is bound to be a night of fun, especially for longtime fans of his material. One can only hope that no injuries are inflicted—Ben may want to don goggles this time.

The event is to be held on Aug. 28 at Tulsa’s own Cain’s Ballroom. Tickets can be bought before the event for $30, or the day of the concert for $33.

There are also two VIP offerings: a $129 “Luckiest Fan” experience, with includes entry to a pre-show event among other things, and a $249 option, which includes everything in the first tier, but with even more Ben.

Tickets can be purchased and more details can be found at

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