Dr. Greg Stone conducts “Brown Bag with the Provost” sessions


by Tatyana Nyborg
Metro Campus Associate Editor

From time to time, Tulsa Community College (TCC) Metro Campus provost, Greg Stone, meets with students at lunch time to hear feedback about college life.

“I started doing “Brown Bag with the Provost” a year and half ago because TCC had a reorganization and we were ready to answer questions about that,” said Stone.

“Brown Bag with the Provost” means a meeting with the provost where someone can come with his or her own lunch bag and discuss different issues with Stone.

“It is good to build a relationship with employees and students,” continued Stone.

At one of the meetings, a student from Mexico, Karen Espinosa, who has a major in international language studies, asked Stone a question why the Japanese language class was canceled and why she was not able to attend it.

There were other cases during enrollment for Spring 2017 semester that students were not able to attend chosen classes because they were canceled by the college.

The provost answered Espinosa’s question; “We are trying to save money so we do not offer the same class every semester.”

This and other changes occurred in the TCC enrollment process because of the Oklahoma state budget cuts. Approximately 30 TCC employees were laid off in 2016.

“We are improving schedule procedures, so we do not need to cancel classes,” said Stone. “It will get better because we will switch to a college-wide schedule system.”

“We expect positive changes will come this summer,” he added.

Stone gave advice to Espinosa to talk to the department of foreign languages at Northeast Campus because in February 2017 the department began finalizing summer and fall classes. Also, the provost directed the student to the TCC advisement office, which helps to plan classes in advance.

Espinosa also had her own idea how to replace the Japanese class with an accounting class because accounting courses were always available.

Stone assured the attendees of the “Brown Bag with the Provost” that “positive changes in the enrollment process are coming, but it can take a longer time.”

For more information about “Brown Bag with the Provost,” contact Dr. Greg Stone, Metro Campus provost, greg.stone@tulsacc.edu.