Editorial: Journalist describes education journey, future opportunities


bym North
Southeast Campus Editor

To take a page from Jimmy Fallon, in particular his infamous ‘Thank-you Notes’ segment:

Thank you. Southeast Campus editor position. You have provided a heap of good times, great relationships, and countless treasured moments.

After 100 hours at Tulsa Community College (TCC), close to two years on staff with The Connection newspaper, and amazing opportunities in the theatre program, my time as a writer and journalist for TCC’s college newspaper is coming to a close.

The experience has been outstanding. I would recommend to anyone who aspires to write, consider joining the newspaper staff.

TCC Honors Connection is a three-hour class, but doubles as a part-time job and lab internship. I have found that serving the SEC as a journalist has been invaluable. There are rewards and positive life outcomes for your investment.

I remember walking the perimeter circle of the SEC building, both upper and lower levels, prior to beginning classes in January 2013. I used the time of solitude to reflect and contemplate the journey that lay ahead.

I graduated in May 2016. The morning of graduation, I decided to go back to the SEC and walk the same hallways again. As meaningful or more than the first time, I reflected on nearly four years of invaluable experience.

Goals are a wonderful thing, both a privilege and a responsibility. They motivate, drive, and inspire those impassioned with commitment.

Goals require all available means to accomplish them. Once they have been set, they come into much sharper focus—in the crosshairs, so to speak. I am thankful to be driven by worthwhile goals.

I have a track record of inspirational writing in my past. My recently achieved degree at TCC is an associate in Journalism and Mass Communication.

This fall, I will begin classes at the University of Oklahoma, and complete my bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing, within the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Beyond that, my master’s degree can be achieved in one additional year. I am making the most of this endeavor and intend to build upon my skills.

I aspire to be an author, inspirational writer, and at times to perform what I have written.

Some of my projects have included writing my own ‘Late Night Show’ and hosting it personally. I have written content and performed these shows nearly a dozen times, some of them for kids. I have also written poetry, sketch comedy, and skits.

During my career at TCC, I have taken a variety of writing styles to broaden my horizons. I anticipate taking even more beneficial courses in the fine art of storytelling.

Magazine writing, short-story writing, novel writing, and documentary film writing—are all possibilities. Some are required, others are electives at OU.

The main thing I desire to attain as a writer is to motivate, inform, help, and inspire. I feel that whatever talent I have should be utilized for the benefit of other people.

In the course of my two-year college newspaper writing career, I have discovered that people everywhere have great stories to tell. However, unless a person cares enough to dig out and ask the right questions, the story may never be known, discovered, or fully appreciated. For that reason, I hope to improve upon my ability to become a improved interviewer.

To be successful in life, one must be able to view life through the lens of another human being. I learned in theatre that the best performers are ‘other-oriented’. They interact with everything and everyone around them—losing themselves, so to speak, in the process.


I believe life is the same way, no matter what the endeavor. To be a good writer, I will have to be ‘other-oriented,’ also. I am going to be that person who is willing to lay aside self for a greater cause.

I’ve always been a thorough person, detailed, and a finisher. Starting projects well is important, but executing and finishing well is equally important.

Learning the value of persistence, determination, and
completion, pays great dividends.

The most gratifying
feelings of satisfaction take place when desire is fulfilled and attained. For runners, it’s crossing that finish line. For musicians, it is performing up to and beyond their ability. For writers, it is finishing a story and telling it with excellence.

I value writing and mass communication as a strategic means to inspire others.

Imagine a wheel, the hub or core is writing. The spokes proceed from the hub—creative channels and choices, which are utilized to convey the writing. The spokes could consist of audio, video, live shows, radio, television, music, documentary film, movies, or other types of media.

Spokes of creativity proceed from the hub of good writing, then connect to the outer wheel of a positive goal. The wheel can be considered the intended theme or message. All three: Hub, spokes, wheel—are necessary parts to achieve mobility—the benefit and inspiration of others.

Life is not easy for anyone; it has its daily obstacles. Why make it more difficult? I don’t want to be someone’s problem. I want to make life a little bit better, easier, and more enjoyable, whenever possible. Positive information can achieve positive results, so can humor.

I want to spend my life studying how to write well, create well, and effectively deliver the same. We can all achieve our educational and life goals by being ‘other-oriented’.

Seize the day!

Life is at its best is when goals intersect and synchronize. For me, that has happened at TCC, a confirmation that I am on the right track.

The two years spent as a journalist for the Southeast Campus is one I would not trade.

The overarching goal for any future endeavors is to dig deeper in learning, for the purpose of becoming a more positive and effective human being.

Thanks again, Southeast Campus.

Onward and upward!