EXPO-2017 presents alternative energy projects and celebrates world cultures


by Tatyana Nyborg

Metro Campus Associate Editor

In 2012, the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) in Paris voted for Kazakhstan to host EXPO-2017 in its capital Astana.

The EXPO-2017 official website says, “The World Exhibitions or EXPOs have been held for more than a half century. During this time, their popularity has grown incredibly – the exhibitions are even compared with world championships and the Olympic Games.

Experts have estimated that since the first exhibition in London was held in 1851, EXPO has been visited by more than one billion people around the world. People are attracted by the technical innovations.

1) The main pavilion of Kazakhstan, the country which hosts EXPO-2017, is glass building with eight floors designed in the shape of earth . Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.

After all, many inventions, which received their start at EXPOs, are now used in our everyday lives: telephone, x-ray scanner, zipper, ice-cream waffle cups, TV set, touch screens etc.”

EXPO-2017 is hosted in Astana, Kazakhstan, from June to September 2017. About 100 countries display their innovations at their booths and pavilions. Two million guests are expected to come to the exhibition.

The main theme of EXPO-2017 is “Future Energy.” The exhibition has pavilions built to demonstrate the coolest technological innovations in the field of solar, wind and geothermal energy.

The United States presents a system of ecologically clean transportation at EXPO-2017.

2)Hayley Nora Eade Jewet from Minnesota presents the United States exhibit at EXPO-2017. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.
2) Hayley Nora Eade Jewet from Minnesota presents the United States exhibit at EXPO-2017. Photo by Tatyana Nyborg.

Hayley Nora Eade Jewet, the U.S. staff member at EXPO-2017, says; “The number of solar and offshore wind farms are growing on the west and east coasts of the United States.”

“There are solar farms in Minnesota and California,” she adds.

Jewet is originally from Minnesota. She states that Minnesota has made great investments in electric cars and trams as types of transportation helping to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

Japanese participants of EXPO-2017 talked about how far the world oil prices fell in 2015, damaging its economy. Since then, Japan has developed effective programs to save energy. Also, nuclear power is one of the main sources of energy in modern Japan.

France presents projects on cement production and extracting energy from recycling garbage. Also, the latest models of an electric car, bicycle and scooter are on display in the French pavilion.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) broadcasts a video showing the country’s great investment in solar-powered sources of energy. UAE actively exports mobile solar power plants into the countries of Oceania (region located on the islands of the central Pacific Ocean.)

The Kazakstanian exhibition is located in the central glass building of EXPO-2017 designed in the shape of earth.

There are eight floors inside the glass earth pavilion.

On one floor, electronic screens describe how solar energy could be obtained in outer space from solar panels places on a spaceship. The display leads to another room imitating human colonization of the moon with a natural size rover, astronaut’s suit, and underground bunker. The exhibit suggests that the bunker would serve as a home for Moon explorers.

Kazakhstan-manufactured photovolataic panels show the advantages of solar energy usage. Wind-powered generators, which do not depend on the direction and strength of the wind are displayed, too.

Other projects at EXPO-2017 are devoted to alternative sources of power, such as extracting energy from algae, straw, and even ocean waves.

Many countries participating in EXPO-2017 add their cultural twists to serious topics on future energy. For example, Venezuela surprises visitors with dance and flute music of South American Indians. An UAE representative offers to write visitors’ first names in Arabic on a memorable piece of paper after they attend the country’s exhibit.

Besides the main part, EXPO-2017 offers entertainment, such as concerts, shows, and restaurants. The entertainment includes shows of world famous performers, such as “Cirque du Soleil,” Britney Spears, Italian opera singers from the theater “La Scala,” Russian Ballet on Ice, humorous show “Comedy Club,” etc.

An EXPO-2017 ticket costs $20 per day.

For more information about EXPO-2017, go to www.expo2017astana.com.