FACET Center supports students’ success


by Clinton Switzer
Northeast Associate Editor

The Facilitating Academic Creativity through Educational Technology Center, or FACET Center, at Tulsa Community College’s Northeast Campus has been providing educational support to TCC students since its opening in 1995. Centrally housed under one roof, the FACET Center is home to Northeast Campus’s Writing Center, Math and Science Lab, American Sign Language Lab, and Technology Lab.

So whether a student needs help brain-storming ideas for an essay, or help balancing a chemical equation, the staff at the FACET center are there to make sure students get the help they need.

What makes the FACET Center such a tremendous resource to the students at TCC are the variety of tutors on staff who specialize in different areas of academia. The FACET Center tutors offer students one-on -one educational assistance in the subjects of their expertise. There are no appointments or reservations necessary to ask any of the tutors questions, although arrangements can be made in advance to ensure a tutor is available.

To get one-on-one help from a tutor, students are welcomed to come to the FACET Center during operating hours and walk up to the desk of the tutor who has the expertise in the subject in which they need some assistance and start asking questions. If a tutor is occupied helping another student, it is recommended to politely let the tutor know that his/her help is wanted when he/she is available next, then find a seat nearby and wait.

The Writing Center is where students working on essays or wanting to improve their writing skills should visit for help. The writing consultants at the Writing Center are not an essay proof-reading service, but will be more than happy to sit down and go over an essay with students and help them identify errors in their writing. The primary goal of the Writing Center “is to help students become more confident and proficient writers” through “collaboration in all stages of the writing process.”

The Math and Science Lab can help with a variety of subjects including Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Statistics. Be sure to check the schedule of the tutors before heading to the Math Lab as not all tutors can help with all subjects and the hours that each tutor are at work vary. Here, math tutors can help students work out difficult math problems by guiding them step by step on how to arrive at the solution, a helpful service as the Northeast Campus is home to TCC’s Engineering Department.

The Technology Lab has a variety of software such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office available for use on the computers in the lab. Students can also get help with Pearsons’s MyITLab assignments from the Technology Lab staff. There are over 90 computers in the FACET Center ensuring everyone who needs access to a computer will be able to use one. A PC specialist is standing by willing to help students and staff navigate the lab’s vast collection of hardware and software.

The American Sign Language Lab offers ASL specialists who can work with students “to review ASL concepts and practice their ASL skills.”

TCC in its goal to help students succeed has put forth the resources at every campus to make sure students can get the help they need in order to excel in their academic studies.

Each TCC campus offers educational support similar to the FACET Center with tutors available on site willing to sit down with students giving them the support they need to overcome academic challenges.

This individual attention stands in contrast to today’s digital age with the Internet filled with websites and videos aimed at helping students in any and all subjects.

Rather than sift through hundreds of videos and webpages trying to find the one that will explain a concept just right, sometimes it is just easier to ask another human who is considered an expert in that particular field. The benefit of the human touch has not been lost at the FACET Center where the transfer of knowledge from one person to another remains the focal point of this organization.

The FACET Center is open Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the Fall 2017 semester. FACET Center staff can be contacted at (918) 595-7592. Also, be sure to check out the FACET Center’s Facebook page.