Job Fair 2017 @ Northeast


by Zach Redwood


Tulsa Community College’s Northeast Campus wants to give students the opportunity to thrive once they have completed their time with TCC. The annual Job Fair held in the Northeast Atrium, provided students as well as Tulsans from the community the chance to meet with potential employers.


Over twenty different employers lined the walls of the Atrium and breezeway of the Northeast campus on Wednesday, March 12.


A job fair sets the stage for students to sell themselves to the companies present. This gives each party a better chance to grasp exactly whom they are thinking about working with. Employers that attended the fair, spoke on just why students are who they are looking for. Autumn Ingram from United Postal Service explained,


“We are specifically looking for students to hire so this is great for us.”


The UPS company has a common reputation for being one of the better companies to work for in the Tulsa area. The employees are well compensated and Ingram tells that going to school while working for UPS can be a great decision for some students. Not only will UPS employ students, they will also help them when it comes to financial aid.


“In our management side of operation, we like for people to either be working toward or have his or her bachelors degree. We feel like this a good start for them since, for our package handlers, we pay tuition reimbursement for many schools including TCC.”


UPS will cover up to 25,000 dollars in tuition toward one’s bachelor’s degree.  At the moment, UPS is hiring package handlers and supervisors.


Duacommun is a nationwide company that has a branch in Tulsa, helps assemble printed circuit boards that would go into airplanes and helicopters. It was on hand hiring for multiple positions. Duacommun has positions available from circuit board assemblers all the way to electrical inspector and production scheduler.


TCC has many early childhood education students. The YMCA of Greater Tulsa was looking to find those likeminded students to help with its “Play and Learn” children’s program. The play and learn staff would be working directly with children, helping build strong character values.


Znick Ferrell, a representative for the Y, talked about how a position with the YMCA can be beneficial for someone who has children of his or her own.


“Today, the kids who come through here and work with us, they have kids. Which is just another great opportunity to get their kids in camp and get them acclimated into the camping environment,” said Ferrell.


“We put them in situations where [the camp councilors] are with groups of 10-15 kids. They can then socialize, they can work actively on a ropes course, or actively swim together, and do STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) projects.”


The YMCA has multiple opportunities for students. They enjoy being the ones who will be giving a student his or her first job. The positions at the Y have very flexible hours. talked about what students who are looking to apply might expect.


“The hours are flexible. We are open in the mornings and in the evenings, so it is not an all day [shift]. If you are taking day or night classes, we can work with that.  Whether it is working part time or opportunities at different locations.”


YMCA locations that are currently hiring are Daily, Dickenson, Hutcherson, Owasso, and Tandy.


The students that attended the job fair came dressed for success with resumes and business cards ready. Student Patricia Gonzales was in attendance and loved how convenient the whole fair is for students.


“I like it because they have it in the college. I’m graduating in May, so its good to be starting somewhere, learning interview prep without leaving the college,” said Gonzales.


Students like Nancy Rodriguez, who had applied at multiple companies before attending the job fair, ended up gaining interest in person from the same companies she applied for online.


“I put in an application for some of these [CAP Tulsa and Home Depot], and they just blew me off right away, but here they took interest in me,” she explained.


The face-to-face interaction that takes place at job fairs pays dividends when employers are sifting through a stack of applications. The informal, conversational approach to hiring is a great way to learn about a potential hire.