Review: Disney On Ice puts on a magical show


by Monique Moore
West Editor

From Sept. 28 – Oct. 1, Disney on Ice presented, “Follow Your Heart” at the Tulsa State Fair. Most children in the area anticipated Disney on Ice’s arrival each year.

Steadily awaiting anxiously to see which characters will be presented and what theme will follow.

“The show this year was magically

This year, kids all over Oklahoma were in for a real treat as the “Follow Your Heart” show hosted a plethora of Disney characters ranging from the entire “Frozen” cast all the way to the Brooms from the classic Disney hit, “Fantasia.” The performance was nothing short of magical and creative obtaining reviews, such as “The show this year was magically marvelous.”


The story plot involves a young girl, Riley, that has just moved to a new area and who joins a hockey team as an attempt to fit in with the other kids at her new school. However, she quickly notices that she is not as good at the sport as she anticipated.

As she struggles with feelings of inadequacy, the cast from “Inside Out” comes to counteract these feelings of isolation and insufficiency, prompting her to “follow her heart.”

Throughout the show, all of the Disney princesses expose different scenarios in which they had to overcome adversity. During this part of the performance, Ariel and Rapunzel were flipping on ropes and flying around the stadium. As expected, this was a crowd favorite as all of the kids awed in amazement.

“This year’s
performance was a
10 out of 10!”

As the show wraps up, Dory from “Finding Nemo” makes an appearance to encourage Riley to “just keep swimming” when faced with hardships.

Consequently, Riley’s teammates let her know how much they need her to win the big game, where she ends up scoring the winning shot for her and her team.

It was apparent that the theme of the story was designed for all age groups. Every character offered some form of advice to help children in almost every scenario possible for kids to encounter.

“Definitely worth every penny! We will be
returning next year!”

Parents after the event made it a point to state, “This year’s performance was a 10 out of 10!” Many people felt previous Disney on Ice shows were, “pricey” and “rushed.” However, this year parents were left in awe stating, “Definitely worth every penny! We will be returning next year!”

If you were unable to make the show this year, be sure to check out the Disney on Ice performance next year at the Tulsa State Fair.