Review: Secret Artist Show discovers great talents among TCC staff


By Tatyana Nyborg
Metro Campus Associate Editor

In May 2016, the Secret Artist Show was on display at the TCC (Tulsa Community College) Center for Creativity.

Forty seven artists who are TCC employees participated in the show.

It was a big surprise to see familiar faces of the TCC teachers and administration at the opening reception for the exhibition on May 10.

The first thought was, “Wow, these persons who help students with enrollment, teaching or a job search are also talented artists!”

The biggest discovery was John Gibson, Provost of the TCC Northeast Campus for the last five years. His art can shake someone up.

Gibson’s oil on canvas painting “Helen’s Afgan” impresses viewers with its scale and composition. It tells a story too: a woman looks in the mirror trying on a new afgan; no one can see the woman’s face, just a figure. Does the lady enjoy the gift given by her husband or children? The questioning can go on and on. The painting invites a viewer to continue the story.

Gibson has a Master’s degree in fine arts specializing in painting and drawing. He is originally from Tulsa and a Memorial High School graduate.

“I taught art from 1979 to 1992,” said Gibson.“As an artist, I like working big with figures,” he added.“The Secret Artist Show is a great exhibition,” Gibson stressed. “There are very talented people at TCC.”

Each work at the exhibition stood up, representing the individuality of the artist.

Joy Payne, Composition I and II course instructor at the TCC Southeast campus had her color pencil drawing “Midnight Irises” displayed at the show.

“I took color pencil illustration class at Tulsa Tech and I really enjoyed it,” she said. “Since that, color pencil drawing became my hobby.”

“I like the Secret Artist Show a lot,” she added.

Nanda Thompson who is originally from Brazil and teaches Portuguese at TCC surprised everybody with her acrylic on canvas work, “At Sea.”

Thompson experiments with shapes, cutting a rectangular canvas into geometric figures and assembling them into an abstract composition.

Some works at the exhibition shouted about the extraordinary skills of the artists using different techniques.

 Rich Fox, TCC call center lead specialist, created the stained glass window, “The Belle Twins,” which shines with perfection.

 Briana Hefley-Shepard, TCC English as second language instructor, made an improvisational quilt, “Little Boxes,” from vintage fabric. The work demonstrates the artist’s great sawing skills.

 Cristiana Prado, TCC adjunct instructor who teaches Art Appreciation and Humanity course, presented her clay sculpture, “In the Forest.” The work shows a good artist’s understanding of clay as media.

 The Secret Artist Show was as a breath of fresh air and it was a statement saying that TCC is a great place to work and be yourself.

 For more information, contact Annina Collier, Dean and GKFF (George Kaiser Family Foundation) Endowed Chair, at 918-595-7050.