Student Life rolls out plans to stay fit and have fun


by Jim North
Southeast Campus Editor

The rock-climbing wall presents a strenuous physical challenge and workout. Photo by Jim North.
The rock-climbing wall presents a strenuous physical challenge and workout. Photo by Jim North.
Information about current programs and activities are available at the front desk. Photo by Jim North.
Information about current programs and activities are available at the front desk. Photo by Jim North.


To each his own—some want to get away, others come  to have fun, more want to get in their share of mountain climbing without having to travel to Colorado.

The Southeast Campus (SEC) Fitness Center has a wide range of opportunities available this term for students who want to keep a sharp edge on their physical and social fitness.

Randii Harrald has been a Southeast Campus (SEC) Fitness Center specialist since June of 2010.

She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in health promotion and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Northeastern State University in health and kinesiology.

A valid student ID at Tulsa Community College (TCC) gives complete access to the fitness center, including its cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights, and the indoor running track.

There are also group fitness classes and intramural sports activities planned for the spring semester.

Fitness assessments are available to test cardiovascular strength, flexibility and body composition.

Individual exercise programs can be custom-tailored with the assistance of fitness center specialists, based upon a student’s personal goals.

Harrald loves her job, TCC and the college environment.

“I have constant interaction with others, most of them of the student the population, and of course staff, faculty and community members.”

Besides the basic benefits to students, the fitness center has planned special events for the coming spring semester.

“Southeast Wars” is a free event that will include prizes for winners. There will be male and female awards for the most activity points, as well as the most percentage of body fat lost. It is an eight-week challenge based on a point system.

The goal of Southeast Wars is to create habits of being healthy. Points are added for attending the fitness center, as well as attending group fitness classes.

Another event upcoming is “March Madness,” a basketball skills challenge, as well as “Power Sports,” emphasizing strength, speed and agility.

In addition, there will be open volleyball nights and gym nights throughout the semester.

During Valentine’s week, a mini-health fair is scheduled. A presenter will speak on the subject of healthy relationships.

Wellness Wednesdays will take place every week for three months, featuring a member of the fitness staff or a guest speaker. Lunch will be provided.

Random Acts of Kindness Week will have details to be announced soon.

A new event in April, “Love Myself,” addresses body image awareness for men and women.

Harrald says other items will be rolled-out through the spring-term, so students should stay tuned.

“I am excited. The goal is to educate students, and that is what we’re doing,” she says.

She elaborates on what the staff would like to see as a positive reward for student involvement.

“I want it to be a fun environment where people can grow and thrive. People come in here and make new friends … to get away from school between classes … it’s a place where people feel comfortable.”

Harrald says it is fulfilling for her as a Fitness Center specialist at the SEC.

“I love where I’m at, the location’s great and I get to try new things. I’m learning, and get to help others.”

She says with the new students every year, it helps keep things fresh and is accompanied with an opportunity to build relationships.

Free group fitness classes available are “Cycle,” also known as “Spin,” “Overdrive,” a high-intensity interval training class, and “Lift,” low impact functional training. Yoga and Zumba classes round out the list of group classes.

Harrald says these opportunities represent a wide range of cardio, strength training and relaxation options.

Students who want to participate in an activity out of the ordinary may want to engage the rock-climbing wall.

Rock-climbing is scheduled by advance appointment, 30 minutes in duration.

After that, “they put on their harness, we strap them up and they are good to go,” says Harrald.

A profile of those who enjoy the rock-climbing wall may include outdoor types, people who have done rock-climbing in the past or those who want to conquer a fear of heights.

“It’s a different type of fitness. You’ve got strength [engaged], and the stamina [required] to pull you up the wall. We do get a lot of different types of people that want to climb.”

For more information about the SEC Fitness Center, or the programs for the Spring 2016 semester, go to its Facebook page, or call (918)

Harrald can also be reached by e-mail: