Students make fast friends at Speed Friending event


by Camille Rutherford
Southeast Campus Editor

As a part of Tulsa Community College’s Southeast campus “Welcome Week,” Student Life hosted a “speed friending” event.

“It can be hard to walk up to someone. It’s just a good way of trying to get students to meet other students,” says Haley Wolfe of Southeast campus Student Life.

“It’s similar to speed dating, but just speed friending,” Wolfe says.

The setup for the event was also similar to speed dating. It was designed for participants to meet as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

“Every two minutes they’ll switch seats and meet someone else. It’s a fast fun way to meet people who also go to TCC.”

The idea behind speed friending is too make the initial connection with a potential friend and to ask questions during the short window of time allotted that will allow both people to know if they are compatible as friends.

“Two students sit down across from each other and talk to each other and ask questions,” Wolfe said.

The students were provided with a paper to make notes on or exchange phone numbers or social media handles, if they chose to do so.

Many of the students that chose to participate were relatively new to TCC.

Dav Cobb and Jason Rose, both first year TCC students, were among the participants.

“I have no friends in college. I moved away from my high school friends so we’re not in the same place. I just want to make more new friends,” said Cobb.

“I just like meeting new people,” Rose said.

Although this was the first year for the event, many of the participants were enthusiastic about the idea.

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