TCC student Tifini Parnell-Crawford brings disc golf to Northeast Campus


by Clinton Switzer
Northeast Associate Editor

Students and staff at Tulsa Community College now have the opportunity to enjoy a round of disc golf at the Northeast Campus on their down time. Last summer a nine-hole course was designed and laid out on the field on the northern end of TCC’s Northeast Campus.

The object of disc golf is similar to regular golf, where players are trying to move a certain object from a starting point to a goal strategically placed hundreds of feet away, but instead of using clubs to hit a ball into a small hole, disc golfers throw a variety of discs, also known as Frisbees, into a specially designed basket that is set up hundreds of feet away from the starting point.

The course was the vision of TCC student Tifini Parnell-Crawford, who is an avid disc golfer and wanted to bring the sport to TCC. Parnell-Crawford, majoring in human services at TCC, enjoys playing disc golf any chance she gets and is an enthusiastic member of the growing disc golf community in Tulsa.

Seeing the field every time she walked through the window-lined breezeway that connects the Academic and Student Union buildings on the Northeast campus made Parnell-Crawford think about playing disc golf, which is what ultimately led her to the idea of setting up a course at TCC.

A disc golf basket sits on the field outside the Student Union building.
A disc golf basket sits on the field outside the Student Union building.

Parnell-Crawford approached the Student Life faculty last summer and pitched her idea about setting up disc golf baskets on the field and turning it into a course.  She said it was not hard to sell as the Student Life coordinator was very excited about the idea and because TCC was already in possession of several disc golf baskets that were not being used and sitting in storage. With the Student Life organization supporting her, Parnell-Crawford began to design the layout of the course.

The course was laid out with the goal of being an easy course for first-time players, but at the same time also being an interesting course by using some of the natural features of the landscape, such as slight elevation drops and swirling wind between the buildings to keep the game interesting for more experienced players.

Parnell-Crawford hopes that the course at TCC’s Northeast campus will attract people who have never tried playing disc golf.

The TCC disc golf course is still awaiting signs to mark each hole’s tee position, the starting point where a disc golfer begins a hole by making the first throw toward the disc golf basket, also called a target. The course might be confusing to navigate at first, but once all the details are finished, Parnell-Crawford and the Student Life organization hope to have score cards printed up with a map of the course layout that will be available at the Student Life desk in the Student Union to students and staff interested in enjoying a round of disc golf.

The Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus will be hosting a disc golf tournament on Oct. 6, at 1 p.m. as part of TCC’s intramural activities program. The tournament is open to all TCC’s students and staff. Details for the tournament have not yet been released, but if weather permits, Troy Dunbar, Student Life coordinator for the Northeast Campus, will be outside on the terrace working behind the grill and serving treats for tournament participants.

For more information about the disc golf course or the tournament on Oct. 6, visit the TCC Northeast Campus Student Life office.